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Houston Outpatient Services for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

For Houston area people who can stay drug free while attending an evening program, the Outpatient Program is another treatment choice. Clients meet 2-4 times a week for a total of 18 weeks. The program includes a confidential assessment, education groups, group therapy individual counseling, 12-Step orientation and meetings, and stress reduction activities.

Family involvement is an important part of the program. There is an emphasis on relapse prevention, as well as continuing care plans. Relapse prevention helps the client to identify the things that may cause him/her to drink and drug and teaches new behaviors to replace the older, destructive ones.

Continuing care plans focus on what the client will need to do each and every day to rebuild his/her life one day at a time. Outpatient treatment can also be a choice for individuals who have completed inpatient treatment, yet want more support as they return to their families or communities. This type of treatment can work well if the client has the support of a strong recovering community and follows through with the continuing care plan.

Call (832) 230-5435 in Houston to start the recovery process.

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