Transitional and Intensive Residential and Outpatient Treatment for Chemical Dependence

About Us


Catherine Santos, Chief Executive Officer

Cara W. Myles, LCDC, Chief Operations Officer

Dale Burnett, LCDC, Clinical Supervisor

The staff at Cheyenne Center is experienced in working with chemical dependency and all the negative problems related to it.

Cheyenne Center employs a multidisciplinary team that consists of

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors,
  • Counselor Interns,
  • Recovery Coaches, and
  • Substance Abuse Technicians.

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All Staff members specialize in the treatment of chemical dependency providing the help you need to become chemically free to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.   All staff are trained in the Therapeutic Community, Texas Module.Memorial Garden for Michael C Davis, one of our founders.Memorial Garden for co-founder Ms. Michael C. Davis

If you’re interested in employment, please see Cheyenne Center’s Employment Opportunities page.

Cheyenne Center, Inc. is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

We have been serving the community since Jan 1, 1996

Helping people since 1996
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