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As a non-profit treatment provider, Cheyenne Center, believes that Substance Use Disorders (SUD) are a progressive disease that affects the person’s body and mind, family and social relationships, as well as job skills. Chemical dependency is treatable. We aim to help you achieve and maintain sobriety and to offer guidance that will ease your transition back to society and a healthy life.

Cheyenne Center’s treatment team uses a mind, body and spirit approach to treating substance use disorders. We focus on the whole person. We welcome your questions and want to assure you that all inquires are absolutely confidential.

We have been serving the community since January 1, 1996.

Residential Services For Men

Cheyenne Center provides these services to residential clients:


  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Life Skills
  • Criminal Addictive Thinking
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills
  • Living Sober
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Outpatient Services

Cheyenne Center provides these services to outpatient clients:


  • Psychoeducational Group
  • Process Group and Family Group
  • Domestic Violence Education
  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • HIV Education and Testing
  • Tobacco Awareness Class
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Successful Treatment Starts With You!


    “Cheyenne Center helped me put my priorities in order. They also taught me how to make my life make sense. I now have the tools I learned here so I need to live a productive life in recovery and for that I am grateful.”


    Did Cheyenne center help me? Yes it did.
    I was doing drugs for years and was a functioning user, until eventually my life fell apart within a year or less. I had a choice between doing time and getting a record or rehab. I am thankful I chose the latter and even more thankful that I ended up in Cheyenne Center. Most people at Cheyenne know the addict mind and do their best to help people change their thinking and habits. The reality is I did not respect myself, but rather had the illusions of self respect and control. The staff here taught me to respect and love myself through accountability and responsibility in little things. If you want to stop letting drugs be an important part of your life and learn some discipline give Cheyenne Center an honest try.


    “I have changed my life for the good since being here at Cheyenne Center. I don’t have the urge to use anymore. I am very openminded. Time never stops for no man. I seek God’s kingdom as He has given me another chance. This time I am going to do whatever it is to stay right and stay clean from here on out. We make mistakes, we learn from them.”


    “My life has been a rollercoaster ride with constant ups and downs between my career as an actor and being in prison. This is all due to an itch to do any drugs I could get my hands on. Since being at Cheyenne Center, I have experienced a total turn around in my thinking. I have found new hope in life thanks to the staff and my new family here. I knew using drugs was going to catch up with me so I paid the cost. It has taught me a lesson. I am taking steps every day to change my ways and my life.”