Transitional and Intensive Residential and Outpatient Treatment for Chemical Dependence


Large, well-lit room with black chairs and framed artwork in Cheyenne Center Rehab in HoustonCheyenne Center, Inc. believes that chemical dependency is a progressive disease that alters the mental, spiritual and physical growth of the affected person. Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that compromises the person’s physical integrity and has many negative consequences impacting social relationships, vocational skills and health. Chemical dependency is not curable, but it is treatable. Our mission is to assist our clients in maintaining their sobriety and to offer guidance toward a successful reintegration into society. Cheyenne Center’s Houston rehabilitation treatment team helps chemically dependent adults deal with the essence of who they are.  Our non-denominational approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation helps clients better understand themselves and improve their desire and ability to remain drug free. Cheyenne Center, Inc. is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

We have been serving the community since Jan 1, 1996.

Cheyenne Center, 1 story main building with portico


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