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We offer two types of Intensive Residential Services For Men

Texas Health & Human Services Commission Program: A specially trained treatment team works with adult males dealing with Substance Use Disorders. We provide an environment conducive to recovery for both the individual and for their family. This program is generally a 30-day program, allowing time for the client to begin to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually. In addition to individual, group, and family therapy, our approach includes exercise, meditation, and nutrition.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Program: Cheyenne Center offers sentencing alternatives for individuals facing incarceration for drug and alcohol offenses. This program is generally a 90-day program. Once a client is accepted into treatment, our staff remains in contact with judges, attorneys, probation and parole officers throughout treatment, submitting progress reports as directed by court officials.

Once a client has successfully completed either Program, an extended aftercare program is available. In some cases, the individual can continue additional substance abuse treatment and remain in treatment for up to another 30 days. We also offer Outpatient Services For Men and Women.

Outpatient Program: This program is part of our aftercare. We offer psychoeducational groups, process groups, family group, individual counseling sessions, HIV Education and Testing, Tobacco Awareness classes, Domestic Violence education (provided by the Houston Area Women’s Center), and Family Education on drugs, alcohol and the recovery process. Our Supportive Outpatient program is a six (6) to nine (9) month program.